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Are you ready to build your backlinks (Text Link Ads) to increase your pagerank and build quality traffic?

Look no further than this web service that allows you to search and purchase text link ads on high PR websites. There are currently three types of backlinks available in their backlinks marketplace. Those are:

  • Simple text links, which are normal text link ads with a simple anchor text, which would look like this: this is a sample text link

  • Context text links are simple text links embeded in a sentence or paragraph.

  • Site widetext links are backlinks, which appear on every page of a website. Site wide backlinks can be either simple text links or context links.

Most would steer clear of the regular simple links and site wide links because they do not look organic. However with the context links, the site owner, if they care anything about how their content looks, will need to develop some sort of way to include your link without making it look as if it was something paid for and just added to the site. Although Google is not the only search engine available, it is the most widely and commonly used. I mean for Pete's sake, Google is now a verb...meaning to do a web search!

Take advantage of a Text Link Ads and use the contextual ad. It looks organic and you can get a free review! This is great for SEO and getting indexed faster.

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