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Leaving the house cooler

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1Leaving the house cooler Empty Leaving the house cooler on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:42 am


The heat reached thermometers, reached the high temperatures and do not know what to do to freshen your home and yourself? We teach you!

spend the year you want the heat and when it gets really gives air
their thanks, they already desperate and do not know how to leave the
house cooler.

is good, without any doubt, but in some places it reaches too high
temperatures, requiring special care and becoming almost unwanted.

it is your case, then you can avoid it and stop feeling it in the
comfort of your home, leaving your home cooler with our tips below.

Empty house

Winter in traditional terms is a house full of carpets, we provide harmony and make the house more composed. However, in the summer remove it to leave your home cooler.

turn, those wipes that are present in all your furniture should also be
removed, as well as avoid the dark objects, since these things absorb
heat into your home.

If you curtains with dark shades in their windows, then choose to replace them in the summer for lighter shades. In
the hours that the heat is more intense, make sure you cover all your
windows and close the doors, so that the heat is not designed for
inside your home.


a fan to cool your home and leave it that way cooler, fans circulate
the air making it less dense and thus refreshing the entire surrounding

2 Windows opposing open

always open 2 windows or doors that are not opposite sides of your
home, so will cause the air to circulate and make the air cleaner and

Windows with mosquito net

windows should be fitted with mosquito nets, as it will be more
comfortable in your house when no mosquitoes trying to attack you or
make tinnitus. Furthermore, in times of less heat may leave freely its open window.

For example, mosquitoes at night tend to flee to cooler places, and usually go to our house, right? So with these nets get rid of mosquitoes, let the air circulate and leave your home cooler.

Natural Plants

Plants have the magic to achieve better air in our homes. When entering a location plants comprising more immediate sense of freshness. Plants have this feat of leaving the cooler location and harmonious.

So we recommend you to put some plants spread their home. But
keep in mind that should not put them in rooms at night because they
release carbon dioxide, which is harmful to their health.

Change of place the furniture of your home

If you still have room to move your furniture around, then try it. However, identifying the best way to get more space.

the divisions of your home have more space, so you get the feeling that
your house is cooler, because the air can circulate better without

Sofas without blankets

summer it is essential to take the blankets covering their couches or
some blankets that use custom, substituting more fresh tissues.

This is a common practice that is not difficult to accomplish and that leaves the house cooler.

Dim the lights

The lights are a big problem in the summer because they heat the air. Whenever possible, turn off the lights during the day because it will warm the atmosphere of your home.

try also changing from incandescent to fluorescent lamps, since they do
not heat up as much and allow you to save more energy. Thus, in addition to saving money, it can also leave the house cooler.

Sources at home

The sources indoors are also a good choice. They have an effect of freshness unique and unforgettable.

If you have a source at home, it will also help to humidify the air and make your home cooler.

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