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Effen Hurricane Sandy

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1 Effen Hurricane Sandy on Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:35 pm


Effen Hurricane Sandy ---- was she PMS-ing or what? I guess she came to finish what Irene had started. Have you ever notice that when there's a storm, and its bad...I mean REALLY bad, they have female names? I mean think about, think about the storms that were just straight bitching and PMSing when they visited...Katrina....Sandy....

Hmmph! Maybe if we named them names like Wiliberto, or Perez Hilton it would come thru and just knock over a few launch chairs or better yet, give it a name like Latifa or Laquisha and it will probably never show up.

In all seriousness though, my power has just been fully restored to a degree, my internet has not been the same. It sucks that people died in this storm. I can say that we were warned and we were told to evacuate. At the very last minute, myself included, once I saw the river making its way down the street, I tried to flee only to be trapped inside my building until the water receded. Im sure the people that were in basement apartments that were trapped and "murdered" per say, they are probably in heaven trying to explain this effup to Paul at the Pearly Gates.

"Hey God, and Paul, I know its like not my time to go and I know you had a plan for me and I like totally effed it up, but come on....come on....come on...." Laughing

"Technically you suicided yourself, no heaven for you...I mean, you were warned many times for Pete's Sake. Did you not learn from Hurricane Katrina?" Evil or Very Mad


Anyone distressed, that died, had their Sugar Honey Ice Tea two gorillas in the jungle making love up, totally deserved it and should not be compensated, not ONE BIT! Crying or Very sad

But then again, I had no where else to go much like many others. I love you

Make sure if you are able to spend your time, not the money. You'll feel really good lending an actual hand and we do APPRECIATE IT.

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