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The Sugar Honey Ice Tea that comes in the mail

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Hey everyone its your favorite blogger here and I have to say that the Sugar Honey Ice Tea that comes in the email sometimes. You like never know if its friggin spam or something useful.

Today I received this:

Thank you for your application.

I am confident you are more than qualified to be an asset to
iLivingApp. Based on your experience as you will also be trained online
at your own pace.

Here is more information regarding this fast and easy money making opportunity. Its not like the rest and you will soon see why.
Please review the Compensation and App sections of

the link below. If you are ready to get started,

just click on "Join" at the top right side of the site:
Looking forward to working with you soon!

If you have further questions about this position, please feel free to contact me.

Samantha Henley, (507) 460-3632

iLivingApp Associate


Huh!? What the hell is this and then I clicked the link and DOINK!


I had applied for this not to long ago. This is a great opportunity for some passive income,. Every day I ride the train and i am on my phone playing games or using some sort of application or software on the phone. WHY NOT GET PAID FOR IT!! Well I have some things to attend to so I will keep this brief and will update you as far as what I am doing with the app so far.

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