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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Book Reveals the Foundation Establishing St. Patrick’s Day

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Contact: PLP 818-312-8371

New Book Reveals the Foundation Establishing St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks, St. Patrick, parades and even an air of magic begin several days before March 17th. Are you curious how St. Patrick’s Day got its start? Wonder no more as Author Alfred Porter announces the release of his new book “Is it St. Patrick’s Day or Leprechaun’s Day”?

Los Angeles, California, February 14 – Days before March 17th the air begins to change and many people are talking about wearing green. As you walk into the grocery store, there are shamrocks hanging from the ceiling. Is there magic in the air and people are looking for that whimsical time when everything seems possible? Discover the answers to these questions and more in Author Alfred Porter’s latest release, “Is it St. Patrick’s Day or Leprechaun’s Day”?

Kids in school know if you are not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day you have set yourself up to get pinched that day. It doesn’t matter if you are Irish or not, that is the custom. What happens when two young boys get together and the family story teller arrives? Will they be in for the journey of their young minds or will they yawn in boredom thinking we should be playing video games?

“Is it St. Patrick’s Day or Leprechaun’s Day” introduces the readers to two boys listening to their Uncle Charlie who is visiting from Ireland. He begins telling his nephew and his nephew’s schoolmate a fantastical story about the true foundation of St. Patrick’s Day and Leprechaun Day celebrations and the differences. He shares the details from the shamrock, St. Patrick, the man, wizards, fairies, spirits, and Leprechauns. Uncle Charlie does not leave out the history and facts about the church. Known as the great and talented story teller, Uncle Charlie literally has the boys completely mesmerized and on the edge of their seats waiting to hear every detail.

“Is it St. Patrick’s Day or Leprechaun’s Day is available on and at for a peek preview.. To interview Author Porter, contact him at,, or PLP AT 818-312-8371.

About Alfred Porter
Alfred Porter is an International Educator, Consultant, Life-Skills Coach, and Author. He has lived, studied, travelled, and worked in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East, and in Europe. Some other children’s books written by Professor Porter include “Princess Sarah,” “Chickola, Chickola, I Love You,” “Brother John,” “the Farmer and the Cow,”Pigszee,””Heavenly Goodheart,” “Breakfast With the Knockle-Wuckles , Christmas with the Knuckled-Wuckles,” Thanksgiving with the Knuckle-Wuckles,” “Dinner with the Knucle-Wuckles”.

Book Review


5.0 out of 5 stars A fun, charming, and exciting story! Highly recommended!,

Feb 28 2013 By jewels23

Ce commentaire est de: IS IT ST. PATRICK'S DAY OR LEPRECHAUN DAY? (Kindle Edition)

This book was an absolutely fantastic read! It had an exciting plot line, well developed characters that charm the reader, and was very well written. It is a fun read filled with magic and excitement.

The e-book is based on a conversation that is had between two young boys and their uncle. Their uncle is from Ireland and speaks with an authentic Irish accent, even using traditional Irish vocabulary in his speech. The boys are fascinated with their uncle’s knowledge of St. Patrick's Day and Leprechauns and listen keenly to his story of the history of Irish culture and traditions.

Throughout the book, I really fell in love with the characters. The pure innocence of the boys and witty charisma of their uncle made the story enjoyable. Porter did a really good job of creating characters that the reader can feel like they understand; they seem real, believable, and authentic. The young boys' adorable and endearing personalities mixed with their uncle's wise yet silly character make for a fun read throughout the book!

Furthermore, this story sheds light on some interesting facts on Irish history and exposes the reader to a new way of thinking. The uncle’s story about St. Patrick's Day and Leprechaun Day is enlightening and made me reconsider the way that I view this now very commercial holiday. It was lovely to reference religion in the story as well as this is an important piece which is often easily overlooked in most holidays. Overall, I am just thoroughly impressed with this ebook and I am so glad that I chose to purchase it! It is an entertaining, sweet, and charming story that is perfect to share with young ones.

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