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So they re-discovered the Gates to Hell!

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1So they re-discovered the Gates to Hell! Empty So they re-discovered the Gates to Hell! on Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:10 pm


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Project Free TV users are all being thrown in the Gates of Hell

Hey its your favorite blogger here, BoyWonder and boy what a discovery that has been made. So based from this Italy news agency [ANSA], a group of archaeologists digging around the ruins Phrygian city of Hierapolis in SW Turkey exclaims to have found the Plutonium, dubbed Pluto's Gate -- an ancient pilgrim site believed to be the doorway to the underworld [HELL]. It is actually just a small cave near the temple of Apollo, the Plutonium grew in association with death from deadly gases it emitted. Talk about making everything spiritual when you can't explain Sugar Honey Ice Tea.

HOLY COMMON SENSE BATMAN - sounds like some religions I know...

Why is this news, because apparently a new piracy site, according to the major leagues (Big Business), Project Free TV is basically linking to video content uploaded to other sites. And get this, their grey area is if its illegal, the third party site will remove it and hence the link would be unavailable. In a sense, it is true. I love when people play the fence when it comes to laws with grey areas.

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