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How to get your own SEMI-PROFESSIONAL GPT site up and running!

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Hey everyone
You have MOST LIKELY seen my other thread "How to get your own PROFESSIONAL GPT site up and running"
and i noticed some people need another CHEAPER way to get started with there own it brings me to this...
How to get your own SEMI-PROFESSIONAL GPT site up and running!
this is a much simpler, affordable, and budget-friendly way to get a GPT up and running.

Here We Go!

1. Gain enough funds for your website...For this you will only need about $600 - $700 (half of it will be for payments!!)

2. Purchase your script from
(costs $80) DO NOT purchase any other script, i noticed that this is
the best script after Shiftcode. Explore every feature of your admin
panel so you know what to do and where to find all features. Being
familiar with your admin panel is CRUCIAL

remaining funds after step 2: $520 - $620

3. After purchasing signup to some Affiliate networks to get offers for your members. You can find some Affiliate networks HERE.
After getting a few, set up your settings, rates etc. that way you can
give a reasonable yet profitable rate for members. Raise it as you go to
satisfy members and boost traffic! Signing up to affiliates is
absolutely free, no dime spent here.

4. Look for a designer BEFORE promoting that
way members can see that your site looks nice and pays instead of a
scrappy site. I happen to know a GREAT designer + coder for your
designing + coding needs!
Drop a line to Abhineet VIA E-Mail and he is sure to do you a GREAT job.
Also, if you are interested in a Design (and getting it coded by Abhineet) try Toro-Designs!

Abhineets Coding And Designing Service (TO EMAIL CLICK HERE)

Toro-Designs Designing Services (CLICK HERE TO SEE FORUM TOPIC)
Both Designers are trusted. I have purchased from them many times and they are quite reputable!
If you are planning on using the
services above be prepared to spend UP TO the $100 mark...if they say
any higher let them know that you are ONLY WILLING to pay $100....

remaining funds after step 4: $420 - $520

5. Get Promoting! If you need some help promoting...just refer to my referral guides, they work for promoting well!
This does cost money. If you are a good advertiser, with $75 you should get a nice member base with a couple of good referrers
do not refer at PTC sites...i recommend forum banners, and other GPT sites.

remaining funds after step 5: $345 - $445

6. Set some contests up that way members have
something else to work for besides the offers they are completing! My
GPT, GemClicker, offers up to $620 in contests for members to compete in
giving them some motivation to do offers! Not having contests does put
your site to a dis-advantage comparing to other sites.

7. Once you have a stable member base it is
CRUCIAL you have AT LEAST $200 for payouts. Affiliates usually pay on a
NET 30 basis, so you need to payout enough that way you can get paid
later on.
CASH LEFT AFTER ALL STEPS: up to $150 - $250... keep this for good
advertising deals, big member cashouts (it happens!) and other
un-expected situations!

If you have ANY questions or you have some feedback just post it!!
Thanks for reading


Your post is really colorful. Thanks for posting.


I like how you use blue wording in certain spots and red wording in certain spots. I think I will stick to being a member of treasure trooper, it would be too complicated for me to run my own site.


Thanks for your tutorial.


Very good post I live it. Thanks for the post.

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