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How to get referrals for PTC sites through effective advertising/using of other resources

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Everyday lost of members are advertising on familiar and new
sites using inefficient and effective’s title and caption on there ads. It
feels so bad to make costly advertising with no good results.

Tips to remember:

Choose only the stable or new but owned by well
know reputable GPT site owner

First of all you need to find stable sites that
are worth of your money and time to advertise like neobux,clixsense and djclix.

New sites owned by well know GPT site owners
like PTCbox(the same owner of Matrixmail) is more preferred to advertise
because there is bigger and higher chance of getting more referrals.

You better upgrade to premium to get the most
earnings from your referrals

For the site that you choose to work on it is more
preferred to upgrade to premium to earn bigger income from your referrals:

Example: For PTCbox-Higher referral earning rate @ higher referral
upgrade and purchases bonus.

For djclix-
Higher PTP earnings ($1/CPM) and higher referral earning rate at the same time.

reason is most referrals will stop clicking after getting there first payment
most especially if they have no downlines to help them. If you’re a premium
while they are still very active then you’ll earn more rather than upgrading
after building your downlines where almost half of them became inactive.

3. Setting
and choosing your advertising Title for effective advertising result

- To
get or attract members attention doesn’t just name the title of your ad just
like PTCbox but try these ones: PTCbox-Owned by matrixmail admin, PTCbox-The
Future King of PTC, PTCbox-most stable and profitable.

*Don’t also advertise your referral link on the same site you’re
working on. It’s nonsense, although some are doing it, to advertise neobux on
neobux,clixsense on clixgrid etc.

4. Time to advertise now your site.

and Clixsense - In advertising 2 names are on the top, neobux and clixsense but
you need bigger budget for this. If you have enough funds then go for this if
the site your advertising is still new with only 1,000-5000 members but incase
your advertising neobux on clixsense or clixsense to neobux you’ll be expecting
lesser sign ups since most PTC clickers are members of this two sites.

Adhitz- advertising with this site is very effective if you’re
advertising a site with very attractive banners like Ptcbox and clixane.

Clixane,musclecarclix @cashcamel

This are the most preferred aurora sites to
advertise when it comes to cheaper price and satisfying result. These sites
have bigger numbers of active members looking for new sites to join.

Your own blog

This is another god alternative in getting more
referrals most specially if you have lots of big payment proofs that would
attract members.

Well known Forums

This is another way to get referrals for free,
except if you’re making referral deals. You can make referral exchanges to get
active referrals and referral deals if you don’t have times to click on other
member’s site but you need to pay them compensation for this. But before you
make any deals and exchanges make sure that it is not against the site TOS to
avoid getting ban.

Example: EMS


Thanks for your help to get referrels.


Very good post I live it. Thanks for the post.

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