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How to get a free Game Show Network account - GSN

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How many oodles do you have in your GSN account? Game Show Network, otherwise known as, GSN, is a free to join website. GSN's website is a fun daily place to visit. Each day members can answer the daily question for fifty oodles into their account. GSN also has a daily (except for weekends) two bonus trivia questions, both worth fifty oodles.

Members of GSN get a daily token spin of the bonus wheel, to win tokens to play GSN online games with. They offer monthly, weekly, and daily games to be played to win oodles. Members then can redeem their oodles for many of the gifts that they have to offer on their website.

There are many different ways that you can choose to spend your oodles, buy it now, bit on it, and weekly drawings for different gifts.

I redeemed my oodles last time that I saved up enough of them for a box of delicious Ms. Field's Nibblers. The box contained four different flavors of mini cookies. I already have enough oodles saved up for another gift from the GSN website, so this time, I think that I will redeem my oodles for one of the many magazines that they have to offer. GSN offers gifts like the book or DVD of the week, Ms. Fields cookies, magazines, and discount coupons to different places, just to name a few of the many gifts that they offer.

Members also get a daily spin of The Wonder Wheel. The Wonder Wheel with each spin gives an X amount of oodles, for a mini game that is played after the wonder wheel has been spun. My favorite mini game out of the three of the games is the Horse Race game. The other two games are the Basket game and the Cyclone game to play to earn oodles.

So how do you get your free GSN account? Just go to and click on where that it says to join, enter your information, and your ready to start playing games, earning tokens and earning oodles!

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