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How to stop drinking alcohol

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1How to stop drinking alcohol Empty How to stop drinking alcohol on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:48 pm


is a disorder caused by uncontrolled and excessive consumption of
alcohol can lead to serious family problems, social, personal and
professional. In the latter case, it may even lead to alcohol poisoning and death.

The mechanism that leads to addiction to alcohol is not yet very clear. What
is known is that, in some individuals, alcohol consumption does not
cause addiction, while the other, after some experimental contacts with
alcohol, get addicted and can not control their desire to consume
alcoholic beverages, making it sometimes on a daily basis and often in an exaggerated manner.

must be accompanied by a health professional who can advise the best
way of respect to his addiction, trying to convince them to stop
drinking or reduce their alcohol consumption gradually. However,
the major problem to achieve stop drinking alcohol, relates to the
recognition of addiction, ie, most alcoholics do not or refuse to have
any kind of problem, although it does not correspond to the truth.

in this article, what we want is to show you some important tips you
can follow if you want to forget and stop drinking alcohol and start a
new life, far away from him and the many problems it entails. Believe
that if you have decided to forget the alcohol, made the most sensible
decision and that you will have a quality of life much higher in the
short term.

To begin, it is important to note one thing that can never forget: it is you who controls your body and not vice versa. That is, when consumes alcoholic beverages, is its conscious that is to urge to do so. The motivation can occur through an impulse, as in most cases, but this impulse can and should be controlled. Imagine you're on a bad day, in that nothing is going well, even the simplest tasks. At work, your boss is always the result can because on that day, unable to perform any task. What
most likely will immediately arises is thought respond with aggression
(verbal or physical, it is mental in his experience) to your boss. But
its most sensible ultimately win, because he knows that if he does,
will most likely be fired, and the moment of crisis in which we live, a
job is not easy. This
is an example of how you, without realizing it, controlling their
impulses, knowing that the consequences of practicing what they say can
be harmful.

be able to control their impulses and stop drinking alcohol will
certainly require a very high dose of determination, but it can never
give up. The word "quit" must be banned because of its dictionary can not even think of it. Doing so may fall in danger of being seduced by the easy side of his recovery. Quitting
can be an escape to the difficulties that they will face knows, but
does not take away anywhere, except the complete decay, both physically
and psychologically.

As the first step and gained strength and determination to overcome his problem, not a bad idea to talk with your family. They are the most important people in his life, and without merit, are also the ones who suffer the most when you're drunk. A
little honest conversation with them about their desire to stop
drinking alcohol make you very happy and shalt surely give
unconditional support to his decision. This is very important because you will need a good pillar and nothing better than your family to do so.

After the conversation said, is the perfect time to break the line that insists on linking the past and present. This
line consists of his friends drinking at places where people stop
drinking and, above all, by their own alcoholic beverages. If possible, try to move away from his friends that lead him to drink alcohol. Do not be sad with this situation. They are a bad influence and everything you need at this point is that the negative influences not prove. Regarding
the places where people stop to consume alcoholic beverages who now
wants away from you, try not to stop there or more, if possible, do not
even go to the door. This is a way to protect against relapses that can completely ruin your plan to quit drinking alcohol. Lastly, but by no means least, should throw out all alcohol that has saved us cupboards or shelves of your home. It is completely forbidden to hide or keep a single bottle that is. Always remember that alcohol is his weakness and, as such, has to get rid of it.

you follow all the steps that you have indicated in this article, you
can be sure that will get rid of the alcohol forever, but do not think
that the mission is easy. It's not worth it to lie: the task is quite complicated, but this is not an excuse to give up. Your decision should be strong, have to be considered and has, above all, to be a real decision. Do not let yourself fall. Do not let a substance like alcohol dominate the complex machine that is your body. If you allow that to happen is to lose a fight, but also an identity and respect of those around him. Stop drinking alcohol is the most important decision of your life! Act as such and honor the commitment we made to himself!

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