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How to stop a mad man

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How to stop a mad man

When the temperature starts getting warmer, women's hormones start to get the "jumps". Spring and summer are the main times when women start getting poorer and want a special man to spend time.
is no girl who does not want to make a man crazy about her, however,
can sometimes be difficult to find that person who will make us mad. But what if we find that person and we can not win, we worth?
a man is willing or if any man is leaving awkwardly, but do not know
how to put it in love with you, then carefully read the tips coming.

1.act as
Act naturally and how it really is. Do not try to imitate anyone even the stars of cinema, it will not gain anything by it. Earn their respect.

A virtue that should show you is its independence. Men like strong women (and at the same time sensitive) and tend to get attracted to women as well. Always walk behind him will cause him not to want more. Give him some space and trust. If
you think you can stand to be with him at all times of your life,
whether positive or negative are, then start thinking about drive you

there are many attractive women, but that does not mean you can not
attract the man of your dreams and leave you completely crazy. Do something to distinguish them and hold his attention. Find something that is common and unique among you or make something just yours.

4th. Let him also send
Here we could discuss gender and say that there is nothing a man can do, a woman can not do. However, when you are in a relationship there are certain tasks that should not do. A man likes to show his masculinity and constantly take the lead and not allow it, our relationship will end badly. Help him but also let him help and he will be happy and maybe you open your appetite to pause with you.

5th. Enjoy Life
If you're ever sad or depressed, so do not expect to attract a man and make him crazy. A somber only cause the away. So look around you and start enjoying the pleasures that life offers, take a deep breath and let go.

6th. Bracket
There are certain times that even the strongest man in the world can stand alone. Are mainly those moments that must be what he needs: his best friend, his girlfriend and his wife. Listen to him, be with him and help him.

7th. Do not change
Many women when they marry or when they have their man, change your habits because they think he can not escape. But the reality is not quite that. Keep
doing the same thing he did before starting to date him, because after
all this was by way of being that he fell in love with each other.

Eight. Listen
An excellent way to captivate you is to pay attention to it. Show yourself always interested in what he is telling you, even if not understood. Men love women who care about them and it freaks them. Give
him space for him to speak what's on his mind and talk about their
wishes and dreams actions are greatly appreciated by them. Never focus only on themselves.

9th. Jealousy
Some women drink coffee or go to the movies with friends, to try to make jealous man who wish to have. This will take you to madness because he is always with his head thinking about what you'll be doing with your friends. No doubt that this old technique is very effective, but not abuse for a long time but could end up losing it.

10. Take the first initiative
If you like a guy, really wants his attention and is tired of waiting for him to make the first step, then take the first step. But do not do it in a way frightening, just smile or blink you an eye. If you never try you'll never know the answer. Do not shrug and move on. The idea that man is who has to take the first step now is retrograde. Modernize up!

11. Interests
Discover the likes and dislikes and try to talk to him the first few times on these subjects. Most men love to talk about sports, cars, movies.
Show yourself interested, but at the same time do not lie about your likes and hate some things that he likes, joke about it. This is the key to the approach itself and leave a madman.

12. Fear
Never let your fear overwhelm her. Men go crazy when girls leave a bit of bark. Life offers many opportunities, so do not let them escape. Take a chance and go to a Karaoke bar and show up fearless and will leave you drooling for themselves.

13. Friends
Many women like to be friends first try the guy they want. Theoretically this is an excellent idea, but be careful. It is true that many relationships begin with a great friendship, but do not want to be stuck forever in the friendship zone. Let him realize what he wants, otherwise he will never get out of shape that you want. Try to find a balance.

14. Influence of friends
not let your friends control the situation, since they often start with
a bit childish and approaches that can make it go away from you. For
example, questions like "My friend loves you and you like her?"
Definitely going to get it off him, just never let them do this kind of

I hope you can tell you some good tips and the practice. The motto should follow is that if you never try, you never know what could have happened. Risk to let a mad man!

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